Abs Exercises


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Abs Exercises

Sculpt Ripped Abs by Adding these Core Exercises to your Abdominal and Fat Loss Workouts

Welcome to our Abs Exercises main page!

Here we’ve linked to all of our exercises that target your abdominals. We’ve crunched a massive list of all the possible abdominal exercises to only a handful of our favorites. Each belly buster comes complete with pictures/videos, tips, and exercise instructions so you can immediately add to your abdominal workouts and other weight training programs.

Before we list our exercises, we’d like to first give a quick, important note on ab training.

The Skinny on Stomach Fat Loss

Abdominal exercises, 6 pack abs, ripped abs, or some variation thereof will be probably be searched online a gazillion times this year.


So why does it seem like there are more Bigfoot sightings than six pack sightings outside of movies and fitness magazines? 

The obvious reason is that most people are just too fat. They begin their quest for six pack abs with a marathon of abdominal exercises rather than fat loss workouts, which is the wrong approach.   

All the crunches and abdominal workouts in the world will not give you a flat stomach or get rid of belly fat as it is impossible to “target” your fat loss (See the Spot Reduction Myth from our Weight Loss Myths page).

To get rid of belly fat and ultimately attain the illustrious 6 pack abs, you have to reduce your total body fat. To do so, see our fat loss workouts page.

The Abs Exercises List

With all of that being said, ab exercises are essential in strengthening your abdominals, protecting your spine, and an overall healthy body. Therefore, they still have a place in most workout routines and that’s why we’ve got ’em here. 

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