At Home Exercises


At Home Exercises

Exercise from Home Sweet Home with our At Home Exercises

We generally recommend that everyone, regardless of their fitness goal, has a gym membership. But there are also a lot of reasons why one would need access to our at home exercises.

Shut up and let me skip to the exercises!

To name a few:

  1. You need a full workout but can’t spare the travel time
  2. You’re out of town
  3. You’re cheap and claim you can’t afford a gym membership
  4. You need a change of pace
  5. You forgot to pack deodorant in your gym bag

The list goes on.

The more equipment you have at your disposal, the more exotic your home workouts can be. The exercises below were compiled under the belief that you want to exercise at home without weights. Therefore, on this page we’ve only included body weight exercises and abs exercises that require little or no equipment.

If you have dumbbells at home, which is nice, check out our dumbbell exercises page for a complete list of these exercises sorted by primary muscles trained.

If you don’t have access to dumbbells but love to workout at home sweet home, we recommend you get in the market for a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Their relatively cheap and provide for much better home workouts than these exercises alone will allow.

The At Home Exercises

Below we’ve sorted all of the exercises by equipment required and muscle group trained resulting in tables of exercises for “No Equipment,” and “Minimal Equipment.” The “Minimal Equipment” exercises are any home fitness exercise that requires an exercise ball, a pull up bar, or exercise bands.

No Equipment Required

Exercise Name Primary Muscle Group
Ab Crunch Abs
Bent Knee Hip Raise Abs
Cross Body Crunch Abs

Minimal Equipment Required

These at home exercises are any exercises that require very little equipment: either an exercise ball, pull up bar, or exercise bands. If you don’t have access to any of these items but enjoy working out at home, we recommend purchasing them. Each are pretty cheap and can add some much needed variety to your workouts.

Exercise Name Equipment Required Primary Muscle Group
Crunches with Legs
on Stability Ball
Exercise Ball Abs
Exercise Ball Pull In Exercise Ball Abs
Crunches with Legs on Stability Ball Exercise Ball Abs
Stability Ball Abdominal Crunch Exercise Ball Abs

As we mentioned previously, we absolutely recommend a gym membership. However, it’s a lot easier for some people to motivate themselves to walk ten steps over to the piece of home exercise equipment than it is to get motivated to head up to the gym. Consider investing in one or more home exercise machines. If exercising at home is your thing.

Some of the best home exercise equipment is relatively cheap. Research some home gym reviews and make a good decision.

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