Workout Description and Instruction:

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Heavy Pull Back and Bicep Workout

Welcome to our Back and Bicep Workout instruction guide!

The arm and back workout below is Day 1 of “The Big Muscle” Muscle Building Plan and focuses on “pull exercises” and moving big weight to build your biceps and back muscles.  Follow the instructions below and instructions on the individual strength training exercises pages to be most effective in your journey to ginormous. First, a quick summary:

Workout Summary: Heavy Pull Bicep and Back Workout
Training Level: Intermediate
Main Goal: Gain Muscle Mass
Days Per Week: 1
Workout Type: Single Muscle Group

Workout Description and Instruction:

Working your back and biceps in the same routine is an effective way to structure your workouts as your biceps are called upon in the majority of pull exercises like the seated cable row, lat pull down, chin ups, etc. 

This workout is comprised of some classic back exercises, some back exercises that are the most demanding on your biceps, and some auxiliary bicep exercises. 


  • Use a weight that will allow you to complete only the listed number of reps.
  • Rest 1-3 minutes between each exercise.
  • Aside from the lone superset, perform all sets of one exercise before moving to the next. Exercises in the superset should be done one after another, but you should still take your standard rest time. 

The Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Pull Ups/Weighted Pullups or Lat Pull Down 2 8
Bent Over Row 3 8
Alternate Bicep Curl 3 10-12
Narrow Parallel Grip Chin Ups 2 10
Dumbbell Rows 3 8
Straight Arm Pull Down 2 10-12
Barbell Reverse Curl 2 10-12

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