Back Strengthening Exercises


Back Strengthening Exercises

Build a massive back or tone up with these back strengthening exercises that target all of the back’s major muscle areas. Before you can truly have a large upper body and strong core, you’ve got to strengthen your back, and to do that, you have to focus on the right exercises. We’ve divided our back strengthening exercises by muscle groups trained, resulting in pages for the lats (lattisimus dorsi), upper back, and lower back. Developing each area will give you that V-shape from your shoulders to your waist.

Remember, one of the most important muscle building tips is to alternate your exercises to “keep the body guessing.” The human body is highly adaptive and you have to give it a constant variety of stimuli for it to continue to grow or efficiently burn calories.

While we generally recommend taking a much broader approach and building muscle by working several muscle areas in a workout, workout routines that focus on specific muscle groups can be a great change of pace and help you bust through plateaus in individual areas. If your back seems like it could use a boost, build it big by adding one of our back workouts to your routine.

Correct form is important with any exercise, but possibly even more so with your back. While executing any of our back strengthening exercises, focus your mind on the part of the back the exercise targets and picture that muscle group moving the weight. We’ll start out with the important, but often ignored lower back.

Lower Back Exercises

A girl will probably never whip her head around to check out your lower back, but that doesn’t mean that you should be ignoring these muscles at the gym. The truth is, the lower back binds your upper and lower body and acts as a stabilizer in many of the most important exercises. Therefore, aside from several other benefits, strengthening your lower back will lead to improvements in nearly all of your other lifts.

View our Lower Back Exercises page to learn more about the importance of working this muscle group and rotate these lifts into your routine.

Upper Back Exercises

Upper back exercises are key for adding upper body thickness and width or toning up one of your back’s glamour areas. Strengthening your upper back muscles will also increase your bench press, but who’s interested in doing that?

View our Upper Back Exercises page for a listing of all of our exercises for this muscle group.

Lat Exercises

Your lats are your back’s largest and most powerful muscle, so, naturally you want to build a big pair. However, that’s tough to do without the right exercises. Lat exercises generally work well as part of any upper body workout as you’ll hit several upper body areas through targeting your lats.

View our Lat Exercises page for a listing of all of our exercises for this muscle group.

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