Why Back Exercises are Important

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Back Workouts

Welcome to our Back Workouts main page!

To build a thicker back, improve your posture, or sculpt a leaner upper body, you’ve got to have the best workout routines in your arsenal and we’re here to supply. Below we’ve linked to all our weight training routines that focus on your back muscles.

If you found your way to this page, hopefully you already understand the importance of incorporating back exercises in workout routines. However, first we’ll try and do a little bit more convincing if you’re still on edge.

Shut up and let me skip to the workouts!

Why Back Exercises are Important

Your upper back muscles and lats form one of the largest areas of the upper body and are therefore essential in Muscle Building Workouts as well as Fat Loss Workouts. Because these areas are so significant, back strengthening exercises will help you improve your maxes on most other upper body lifts.

Lower back exercises are also important as the lower back acts as a stabilizer in many of the most important weight training exercises and plays a crucial role in sports and athletic lifts.

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All Back Workout Routines

Heavy Pull Back and Bicep Workout:

Build big biceps and a thick back with this heavy pull routine that focuses on some of the best back exercises that emphasize your biceps.  

Arm and Back Workout:

Destroy your arms and back with this pull routine that has two different bicep and back supersets and two straight sets.

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