Beginner workout routines

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Beginner Workout Routines

Learn How to Lose Body Fat or How to Build Muscle Mass with the Best Workout Routines and Weight Training Exercises

Want to learn how to lose body fat or how to gain muscle mass? Hit the gym prepared with one of our Beginner Workout Routines!

The fat loss workouts and muscle building workouts featured here will give you a clear path to building your beach body, which means no more wandering the gym aimlessly trying each machine.

Shut up and let me skip to the workout routines!

For Starters…

In the beginning, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know exactly where to start. What you’ll come to learn is that despite your assumptions, hardly anyone at the gym is in peak physical condition. Sure, a few guys look like they could bench press a semi-truck and a couple of women probably have the bodies of NFL cheerleaders, but the vast majority of gym goers are just like you. Even the men and women in great shape started as beginners, so don’t feel out of place.

Do you want to Learn how to Lose Body Fat or How to Gain Muscle Mass?

Time to choose a goal: Do you want to exercise to build muscle and start with a strength training routine or begin your quest for 6 pack abs and start with a fat loss workout? We’ll start with the former. colbarbellcurl-3023813beach-six-pack-small-7271308

Beginner Weight Training Programs for Building Muscle Mass

In addition to checking out our beginner workout routines for building muscle mass, check out our Strength Training for Beginners page. Our Strength Training for Beginners page gives you the “why” behind the beginner weight training programs and will help guide you to an effective muscle building diet.

Workout Name Level Days/Week
Beginner Full Body Workout (pdf) Beginner 3
Beginner Split Workout Routine (pdf) Beginner 3-4
Beginner Full Body Workout 2 (pdf) Beginner 3
No Limit Pushup Workout (pdf) Beginner Sporadic

If these weight training programs seem too elementary to you, check out our advanced Muscle Building Workouts.

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Weight Loss for Beginners: Choose a Beginner Exercise Program

If you’re seeking healthy weight loss but need a little direction, check out our Weight Loss for Beginners page after you choose a fat loss workout from our list below. The Tips to Lose Weight, Exercise Tips for Weight Loss, and info on building a Healthy Diet Plan will will teach you how to lose fat and sculpt ripped abs.

Workout Name Level Days/Week
Beginner Weight Loss Workout (pdf) Beginner 3-5
Beginner Weight Loss Workout 2 (pdf) Beginner 3-5
No Limit Pushup Workout (pdf) Beginner Sporadic

If these workout routines seem too easy for you, crank up the intensity with our advanced Fat Loss Workouts.

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