How to Get Big Arms

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Bicep Workouts

Welcome to our Bicep Workouts main page!

Here we’ve linked to all of our weight training routines that focus on your biceps.  So, you’re in the right spot if you’re goal is to build big arms, pipes, pythons, guns, or whatever else you call those things. 

If your goal is to tone your arms, I recommend viewing our fat loss workouts as you can’t target your fat loss to a specific area (see weight loss myths). 

How to Get Big Arms


In conjunction with our bicep workouts below, we recommend you check out our “Building Big Arms” how to article for some insight on our thought process with working your biceps and triceps.  We also recommend viewing our chosen best bicep exercises and best tricep exercise list.

In general, we recommend:

  • Focusing on Compound Exercises
  • Don’t overtrain – consider your Chest and Back Workouts and how you’re already hitting your biceps and triceps
  • Remember that your Triceps are two times larger than your biceps

All Bicep Workouts


Heavy Pull Back and Bicep Workout:

Build big biceps and a thick back with this heavy pull routine that focuses on some of the best back exercises that emphasize your biceps.  

  • Bicep Exercises and Best Bicep Exercises
  • “Building Big Arms” – A How To Article
  • Tricep Exercises and Best Tricep Exercise List

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