Building Big Arms


Building Big Arms

Build Big Biceps and Triceps with our Muscle Building Workouts and our Best Bicep Exercises and Best Tricep Exercises

Every guy in the gym works on building big arms, guns, pipes, pythons, or whatever other name you may have for those scrawny things and it’s understandable. Think about it: When someone asks you to flex, do you show off your calves, or is it your queue to start the guns show?

If you’d flex those sleeve bulging biceps and triceps you’ve been constructing since you were 12, then you’ll find this page of interest.

Unfortunately, most guys have their training methods all wrong in their quest for big arms. On this page we’ll show you how to build bigger biceps and triceps. There are a few things to know outside of making sure to concentrate on our Best Bicep Exercises and Best Tricep Exercise lists.

Focus on Compound Exercises:

Ditch Isolation Tricep Exercises & Bicep Exercises like Dumbbell Curl

As mentioned within our Muscle Building Tips and Weight Gain Tips pages, Compound Exercises are more effective than isolation exercises for building muscle mass, and your arms are no different. The most effective way to go about building or sculpting your arms is by gaining overall muscle mass through compound “push” and “pull” exercises.

“Pulls” like Bent Over Row and Dumbbell Rows primarily target the upper back muscles, but also place more stress on your biceps than isolation bicep exercises like Dumbbell Bicep Curl and Preacher Bar Curl.

The same can be said for “pushes,” like the Bench Press Exercise and Seated Military Press and building bigger triceps.

So where should you begin? If your goal is building big arms, focus on our Muscle Building Workouts (Specifically the Get Jacked Muscle Building Workout and our Full Body Strength Training Routine) and substitute in all of the arm exercises on our Best Bicep Exercises and Best Tricep Exercise Lists. A couple isolation exercises round out these best exercises lists, but each primarily built upon bicep and tricep blasters that also hit other major muscle areas.

Don’t Over-train:

If you want Bigger Biceps and Arm Muscles then Give it a Rest!

Because the muscles in your arms are so small in comparison to others muscle groups and are trained secondarily through the referenced push and pull exercises, it’s easy to over-train them. Make sure that you consider the amount of sets and reps of compound exercises you’re doing before you choose a number of sets and reps to allocate specifically for arms, which should only be a few.

Arm workouts can be counterproductive if the bicep or tricep workout comes directly after a chest workout or back workout. Remember that if you do a back workout on Wednesday and a bicep workout on Thursday you’re working your biceps two days in a row. The same goes for a Chest Workout or Shoulder Workout Routine followed by a Tricep workout or vice versa.

The Size of the Arm Muscles:

Bigger Biceps would be great but Focus on Bigger Triceps if you want Bigger Arms

Did you know that of the arm muscles your triceps are about two times larger than the biceps? Although everyone wants bigger biceps, if you truly want to build big arms you’re better off concentrating on building your triceps. There’s no reason why you can’t do both, but a lot of guys will opt for extra Bicep Exercises rather than Tricep Exercises because the bicep muscle is the preferred show muscle. Make sure you realize how much more mass your tricep muscles make up than your biceps.

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