Cable Upright Row


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Cable Upright Row

This Shoulders Exercise is a Variation of the Upright Row and uses a Cable Pulley to Target your Trapezius and Deltoid Muscles

Welcome to our Cable Upright Row Exercise Instruction Guide!

On this page you’ll learn how to do this shoulders exercise using the correct technique. Below you’ll find pictures, exercise instructions, and tips on how to get the most out of this and other Shoulder Exercises so you can immediately add to your next Shoulder Workout Routine and other Weight Training Routines.

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Exercise Summary

Exercise Name: Cable Upright Row
Main Muscle: Deltoid
Secondary Muscle(s): Trapezius
Exercise Type: Compound, Pull
Equipment Required: Cable Pulley

Exercise Description and Instruction:

This shoulders exercise is an upright row variation, and uses a straight bar attached to a cable pulley on the lowest setting to target your deltoid and trapezius shoulder muscles. 

The upright row can also be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, or using a smith machine. Check out the following variations:

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To Perform This Exercise:

  1. Attach a straight bar to the lowest setting of a cable pulley and grab the bar with an overhand (palms facing towards your body) grip.
  2. Step backwards holding the bar so that it rests against the middle of your thighs. Your arms should be fully extended. This will be your starting position.
  3. Next, while moving along a path close to your body, exhale and lift the bar to your collar bone. During this raise, concentrate on contracting from your shoulders and traps and allow your elbows to move up and out.
  4. Pause for a moment, then inhale and slowly lower the weight to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.


  1. Keep your elbows higher than your forearms throughout the lift. This will keep the emphasis on your traps and deltoids.
  2. Remember to keep your back straight and your abs drawn in throughout each repetition. Your feet should remain firmly planted on the floor.

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