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Chest Workouts

Welcome to our Chest Workouts main page!

If you want to build bigger pecs or sculpt a leaner chest, you’ve got to have the best workout routines in your arsenal and we’re here to supply.  Below we’ve linked to all our weight training routines that focus on your chest muscles.

Creating the Chest you Want

The chest can be a stubborn muscle group for a lot of lifters.  Why won’t my chest grow? Am I not doing enough sets? Should I do more decline bench? Should I add a few exercises? Does god not love me?   

Slow down my flat chested friend. Building the pecs you want requires you to focus on the right “upper” and “lower chest” exercises as well as changing your mindset.  Are you really lifting with a goal of developing your chest muscles or is your primary concern benching one more rep than last week? We’ve got workouts for both. 

If your overall goal is to lose weight, we recommend viewing our fat loss workouts as you can’t target your fat loss to a specific area (see weight loss myths). Once you’ve lost a few lbs, you’re underlying pecs will shine.   


All Chest Workouts


“The Shocker” Chest and Tricep Workout:

Your ticket to a herculean chest and triceps without the barbell bench press.

The “No Limit” Pushup Workout

Start pushing the floor with this change of pace workout that can be done anytime, anywhere. 

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