Dumbbell Deadlift


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Dumbbell Deadlift

This Leg Exercise is the Dumbbell Exercise variation of Deadlifts. It works all the Muscles of the Legs as well as your Back and Traps

Welcome to our Dumbbell Deadlift Exercise Instruction Guide! 

On this page you’ll learn how to do this version of the deadlifts using the correct technique. Below you’ll find pictures, exercise instructions, and tips on how to get the most out of this and other Leg Exercises so you can immediately add to your Leg Workouts.

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Exercise Summary

Exercise Name: Dumbbell Deadlift
Main Muscle: Hamstrings
Calves, Forearms, Glutes, Lats, Lower Back,
Quadriceps, Traps, Upper Back
Exercise Type: Compound, Pull
Equipment Required: Dumbbells

Exercise Description and Instruction:

This exercise is the dumbbell version of the Barbell Deadlifts. Generally, deadlifts are one of the best exercises to lose weight or gain muscle mass. However, like most dumbbell exercises, you are limited in the amount of weight you can use during this lift. Therefore, this exercise will not be as effective for gaining muscle mass and should instead be used in Fat Loss Workouts. The Barbell Deadlifts will be effective in Muscle Building Workouts or Fat Loss Workouts

To Perform This Exercise:

  1. Grasp two (2) dumbbells with an overhand grip and stand with your feet shoulder width apart under the dumbbells.
  2. Bend your knees as you sit back with your hips. This will be the starting position. Your arms should be fully extended and grasping the dumbbells with your back straight.
  3. Begin the lift by exhaling and pushing upwards with your heels to extend your hips and knees and stand straight up.
  4. When you are nearly standing, pull your shoulder blades together and drive your hips forward.
  5. Return to the starting position by inhaling and bending your knees and hips while keeping your back straight and the dumbbells at arms length.
  6. Repeat the exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions.


  1. This is not an exercise that is recommended for people with lower back problems.
  2. Do not increase the weight on this exercise until you have mastered the correct form.
  3. Look forward and keep your chest up throughout the exercise making sure you do not round your back as you move the torso.
  4. Jerking motions or using too much weight should be avoided and are especially dangerous.

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