Exercise Tips for Weight Loss


Exercise Tips for Weight Loss

Lose body fat by incorporating these exercise tips for weight loss into your workout routines.

Want to get lean? These pointers will give your weight loss workout a boost so a flat stomach and 6 pack abs are just around the corner rather than beyond the horizon.

While we’ve got the best fat loss workouts, we also understand that sometimes you have the urge to build a custom workout routine. These exercise tips for weight loss will help you do exactly that.

Remember, Consistency is King…

These fat loss tips will make sure that your most effective when you exercise, but it’s on you to show up. If showing up can be a problem, leave our Exercise Tips for Weight Loss for now and view our weight loss motivation tips.

Crank up the Cardio

It’s difficult to lose weight without cardio exercise.

It’s unfortunate given how much most people hate cardio exercise, but it’s also true. Instead of traditional cardio exercise, try adding interval training (bursts of 30 seconds of a very fast pace, near sprint, followed by one minute at a much slower pace) to your workout routines. Interval training is becoming more and more popular for its benefits. Some studies even show that interval training burns up to nine times more fat cells than traditional cardio.

Fat burning is way too subjective to rely on any percentages or numbers you hear, but the effectiveness of interval cardio exercise is well documented. You should at least use it to supplement traditional cardio exercise.

Work the Total Package

Outside of Liposuction there is no way to Pick and Choose where you Lose Fat.

Despite popular belief, it’s pointless to do 1,000 crunches per day in an attempt to lose belly fat. The same goes for doing set after set of bicep curls or anything else along these lines.

For more information on this, see The Spot Reduction Myth from our Weight Loss Myths page.

Your time would be much better spent focusing on compound exercises that work more than one muscle group and burn a lot more calories than isolation exercises. In addition to these fat burning exercises, choose cardio exercises that work your upper and lower body.

To be most effective, think:

  • Chin ups instead of Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Dips and close grip Pushups instead of Tricep Extensions
  • Jogging and using the Row Machine instead of Cycling

Check out all of our exercises to lose weight for more examples.

Hit the Weights

Strength Training Burns a Ton of Calories

We began with “Crank Up the Cardio,” but that doesn’t mean abandon weightlifting completely!

Some fear the mere act of picking up a barbell or dumbbell will immediately transform their body to powerlifter status. But fear not—putting on muscle simply isn’t that easy (just ask any guy trying to do so). Strength training burns a ton of calories both during and after a workout and will help you improve your lean muscle to fat ratio, so hit the weights!

Use What you were Taught in Economics

Alter your Workout Routines to continuously Burn Fat
Heard of the law of diminishing returns? Probably not tied into a list of exercise tips for weight loss, but hear us out.

Like many things, when you repeat the same weight loss workouts, cardio workouts, or any fat burning exercises on a regular basis, you’ll unfortunately experience the law of diminishing returns. That is, your body will find a way to operate more efficiently and burn fewer and fewer calories while performing the same function.

Combat this by monitoring your results and altering your exercise plans as often as you see fit. Switching things up every six weeks or so is usually ideal, but everyone is different.

Add variety to your workouts by altering the following:

  • exercises
  • order of exercises
  • number of exercises, reps and sets
  • resistance
  • position of exercise
  • tempo of exercise

Patterns are Good!

Set a Specific Time each day to Seek your Six Pack.

Depending on your goals, the number of days will vary, but make sure you choose an exact workout time each gym day. This time carved out each day should be for exercise and exercise only. You should treat it like an important business meeting—a meeting with fat loss. It can’t be skipped, not for anything. In planning your day, other things need to be planned around it.

Keep all of our exercise tips for weight loss in mind when you’re building a custom workout routine.

Had enough with the exercise tips and ready for some action? Leave our exercise tips for weight loss page and start on one of our fat loss workouts.

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