What Does and Effective Fat Loss Workout Look Like?


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Fat Burning Workouts

Ready for 6 Pack Abs? Welcome to our Fat Loss Workouts Main Page!

Our fat loss workouts will get your beach body ready for its season. They’re designed to keep your heart rate up and engage all of your muscles to burn the most calories and shed body fat. 

What Does and Effective Fat Loss Workout Look Like?

The weight training routines listed below were mainly built following the guidelines laid out on our Exercise Tips for Weight Loss page. Among other things, these weight training programs were built based on:

  • The Benefits of Weightlifting and Cardio Exercises
  • The Benefits of HIIT— High Intensity Interval Training
  • Compound Exercises, and more specifically our Fat Burning Exercises

Check out our Tips to Lose Weight, Healthy Diet Tips, and Weight Loss Myths pages.

Test your current workout:  It seems obvious, but during a workout you should:

  • be sweating,
  • be challenged and out of breath at times (i.e. not able to have a long conversation with your trainer as you lift weights),
  • do cardio and lift weights,
  • focus on compound exercises (exercises that involve the movement of more than one joint)

Put any of ours below to the test.  

All Fat Burning Workouts

“The Burner” Weight Loss Workout:

A five day per week workout plan that mixes interval training with weight training exercises that work several muscle groups and burn the most calories. 

“The Super Shredder” Fat Loss Workout:

With two days of straight cardio and three days of circuit weight training you’ll shed extra lbs. more effectively than your typical boring treadmill routine.

Quick Notes/Tips:

  • To burn the most calories, concentrate on cardiovascular exercises that get your whole body involved and work all of your muscles (i.e. treadmill vs. spin bike).
  • Alter your weight loss workout and cardio exercises as you see fit. The more experienced you are, the more frequently you need to alter your routine to consistently get results. In general, every six weeks is a good benchmark.
  • Add time to your rest between exercises if you are too out of breath to lift the weight with correct form

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