Healthy Diet Tips


Healthy Diet Tips

Kick-start Fat Loss by Incorporating these Healthy Diet Tips into your Diet and Exercise Plan

Workout routines are our specialty, but even the most effective workout programs probably won’t give you ripped abs if you diet like Farley.

If you want a flat stomach you’ve got to dial in the diet, and we’re here to help. Kick start fat loss by incorporating these healthy diet tips into your diet and exercise plan.

No Fast Food

Do we need to expound much here?

This is probably the most obvious of all the healthy diet tips and what you saw Farley struggle with. Aside from being loaded with cholesterol, fat, calories, sodium, etc., fast food is generally pumped full of things your body has no use for and doesn’t know how to process. Recent allegations against Taco Bell claim that its “ground beef” has no business being called ground beef because it’s less than 35% beef. We can’t speak to the accuracy of the allegations or speculate on the pending lawsuit, but was anyone really surprised?

Pick a Different Aisle

Make smart choices at the Grocery Store and it will be Easier to Make Smart Choices Throughout the Week

There are some settings impossible to avoid which make it difficult to stick to your healthy eating plans. At a Super Bowl party, for example, you’ll probably be able to keep yourself from the fried and processed foods for a quarter or two, but after a couple of hours (and probably beers), you succumb to the delicious evils.

What can Brown do for You?

A lot if You’re Referring to Wheat Pasta, Wheat Bread, and Brown Rice vs. their Rival Substitutes

Without going completely botanist, when white bread, pasta, and rice are produced, two of the three relevant parts of the grain are removed, the bran and the germ, leaving only the starchy endosperm. These removed layers house most of the fiber and nutrients you find in wheat bread, pasta and brown rice. Because these foods are higher in fiber and nutrients, they keep your body full for longer and help you make better choices throughout the day.

Be careful to check the label and make sure that whole wheat is the first ingredient listed. These companies are sneaky.

H2Oh Yeah, Baby

Water is a Magical, Simple Thing, and You Should be Aware of its Powers.

One of the main reasons to slug it down is that being adequately hydrated helps your body metabolize fat. One of the primary responsibilities of your liver is breaking down your body’s stored fat into energy. However, when you’re not drinking enough water, your kidneys can’t function efficiently and have to call on your liver for help. When this happens, your liver has to abort its fat burning post to help your kidneys, which is bad news for your waist. Water has also been shown to curb hunger, reduce belly fat, and boost your metabolism, among other things.

Start Reading Labels

For now, Disregard the Calories, Fat, and Carbohydrates. Concentrate on the Serving Size and the Ingredients.

For some reason, most people hate the idea of reading a nutrition label. But it’s incredibly easy to do and even more beneficial.

Stick to foods with ingredients you can pronounce.

Ingredients like these should stick out:

  • hydrogenated rapeseed oil
  • modified food starch
  • high fructose corn syrup.

What is the heck is that stuff? Your body doesn’t know either.

In regards to serving size, just be aware of what it is. Most serving sizes for chips are 14 chips. Have you ever snacked on only 14 chips? If so, kudos.

The “Just Ones” Add Up

The Seemingly Harmful Habits Compounded Over Time can have Serious Consequences

Learning how to lose body fat starts with knowing that the “just ones” really do matter and changing your habits to reflect this. It’s not just one piece of cake or just one bag of chips or missing just one day of exercise that will add inches to your belly, but these simple, seemingly harmful habits compounded over time can have some serious consequences. “Just one” becomes just once every week or just once every few days. So, set some priorities, consider the consequences, and avoid falling victim to the “just ones.”

Become a tracker

Constantly Tracking your Calorie Intake Becomes Quite the Chore, but Practicing the Habit for a Week can be Very Enlightening.

We know in one of our earlier healthy diet tips we told you to start reading nutrition labels but not to focus too much on the calories, fat, carbohydrates, and other stats. Well forget we said that for just one week.

The goal is to make you aware of how some of the foods and beverages you regularly consume are contributing to your daily allowance. So, look up how many calories, carbs, and fat grams you’re allowed and get tracking. We bet you’ll abandon a couple food and beverage items all together.

Patterns are good!

Eat in a Controlled, Scheduled Manner

We’ll use it here as one of our healthy diet tips, but this tip can go a long way in helping with daily exercise as well as healthy eating.

Click here to view our exercise tips for weight loss.

As one of our healthy diet tips, by now you’ve probably heard that it’s best to eat small meals throughout the day. Try and eat these small meals around the same time every day. You’ll be less inclined to snack if you know that your planned healthy snack is only say, 40 minutes away.

Keep it Natural. Eat Fat, Eat Carbs!

Good Fats and Good Carbs in Moderation are Essential to Healthy Living

“Good fats” are monounsaturated fats found in natural foods like nuts, olive oil, peanut butter, and avocados. These foods actually help to reduce belly fat and fight bad cholesterol. “Good carbs” are the ones our body was designed to process and has been processing for hundreds of years. These are the unrefined carbohydrates found in natural foods like whole grains, rice, oats, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes. These carbs are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that the factories haven’t had the chance to strip. So keep it natural!

Fight fat WITHOUT Freezer Foods.

Frozen Dinners Appeal to Novice Dieters Everywhere, but What’s Really in a Frozen Dinner?

Frozen dinners are quick, easy, and can taste decent. Their nutrition stats also usually look fairly good but what’s really in a frozen dinner? This gets back to one of our earlier healthy diet tips about reading nutrition labels, but you may have skipped that one altogether.

These tiny meals are packed full of preservatives and processed garbage. This goes for not only freezer foods but 100 calorie cookies, baked chips, and other similar products. Just because they’ve found some way to make ice cream fat free doesn’t mean you should be eating it.

A good rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true…

Had enough with our healthy diet tips and ready to burn off some of that junk? Leave our healthy diet tips page and start on one of our fat loss workouts.

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