Muscle Building Tips


Muscle Building Tips

Incorporate our muscle building tips into your strength training program and muscle building workouts and go from lean to LARGE.

Wanna get jacked? Gaining muscle and strength can have a lot to do with genetics, but usually self proclaimed “hardgainers” just aren’t on an effective strength training routine or muscle building diet.

Fortunately, doing the right things by following our muscle building tips is fairly easy and you can always right the ship.

If strength gains have been eluding you, incorporate these muscle building tips into your strength training program and start seeing results.

Barbells Build ’em Bigger

Barbells are much more Conducive to Building Muscle Mass than Dumbbells

Dumbbells have their place in most muscle building workouts, but when it comes to moving the big weight around, barbells are the way to go. The problem with dumbbells is being able to hold enough weight in your hands to put adequate stress on your muscles. This is most evident in leg exercises like dumbbell squats, lunges, and step-ups but also holds true for other muscle groups and strength training exercises.

Drop the Cardio

Ditch the Cardio in your Muscle Building Program.

Aside from a 5 minute warmup, cardio exercise shouldn’t be part of your muscle building program. Think of cardio exercise and all other physical activities aside from lifting as something that your muscles have to share food with. We want those babies to get all their nutrients and grow big and strong and there is only so much food to go around.

Do Compound Exercises for Colossal Gains

Build Your Weight Lifting Routine around Compound Exercises

Isolation exercises are okay sometimes, but when you’re trying to gain muscle mass your weight lifting routine should be built around compound exercises. Compound exercises work large muscle groups and trigger your body’s release of more muscle building testosterone and growth hormone than isolation exercises. Compound exercises also allow you to lift much heavier weight than isolation exercises and give you functional strength applicable to everyday life.

Dead Lift to make Strength Gains come Alive

If your Weight Lifting Doesn’t Include Barbell Dead Lift, it’s Seriously Flawed

When you look around the gym, it looks like the dead lift is a “dead lift.” But why? The Dead lift can add some major muscle to both your upper body and lower body if done correctly.

In other areas we have our disagreements with each, but Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and all list dead lift as one of the top three exercises to build muscle and strength. So, bring the dead lift back to your weight lifting routine and make strength gains come alive.

Start with Your Foundation and Build a House of Muscle

Leg Workouts and Exercises Yield the Most Muscle Building Testosterone and Growth Hormone

This is one of our most important muscle building tips. Odds are you haven’t missed any arm workouts or a chest workout at the gym, but how about your leg workouts? All too often, people think,

“Who cares about my legs? I’m trying to sell tickets to the guns show and be able to out-bench my buddies.”

While that may be the case, your legs form the foundation to your POWERHOUSE and can’t be ignored.

The natural muscle building chemicals released in leg exercises and leg workouts supplement all your lifts. By working your legs, you’ll enhance any upper body workout and build bigger biceps, a bigger chest, and bigger triceps.

Eat like a Horse

Your Time in the Gym is Time Wasted if You’re not Eating Enough, Period

When your body doesn’t have enough nutrients readily available, it begins to break down muscle to meet its energy requirements. When this happens, you’re in a dark place. You’ve entered a “catabolic state.”

To avoid this place, keep enough fuel available in your bloodstream at all times. Eat quality carbohydrates and protein when you wake up, just before you go to bed, and every 2-3 hours in between.

Also, always eat carbohydrates and protein both before and directly after a workout. A protein shake works best to meet your protein needs and a sports drink (not diet) or juice will work best for your carbohydrate supplies.

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