Muscle Building vs Strength Training Workouts

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Muscle Building Workouts

Gain Muscle Mass with the Best Workout Routines and Best Exercises to Build Muscle

Wanna get jacked? Welcome to our Muscle Building Workouts main page!

If you want to be added to the likes of King Kong and the Incredible Hulk—minus the temper of course, look no further. Here we’ve linked to all of our weight training routines for building BIG muscle: steel bending, sleeve bulging muscle mass.

Muscle Building vs Strength Training Workouts

The workouts here are all designed to help you put on size. Size and strength and muscle and strength generally go hand-in-hand (the guy with the most muscle is usually the strongest guy), but if your primary goal is strength training, view our strength training workouts page to capture the greatest gains. 

Difference in Workout Structure:

  • To build mass, resting 1-3 minutes between each exercise is generally ideal whereas 2-5 minutes is ideal in strength training
  • Split workouts are generally more conducive to building muscle and full body workouts are generally preferred in strength workouts.
  • Muscle Building Workouts contain more auxillary exercises focusing on individual muscles. 

Again, the two pretty much go hand-in-hand, but to most effectively train, pick one or the other.  With all that being said, get started below on your mission to massive.

All Muscle Building Workouts

The Get Jacked Muscle Building Workout:

A four-day split workout with a heavy and light upper body day and a heavy and light lower body day.

“The Big Muscle” Muscle Building Workout:

A four-day split workout with days for back and biceps, chest and triceps, quads and hamstrings, and shoulders, calves, and abs. 

“The Shocker” Chest and Tricep Workout:

Your ticket to a herculean chest and triceps without the barbell bench press.  


Heavy Pull Back and Biceps Workout:

Build big biceps and a thick back with this heavy pull routine that focuses on some of the best back exercises that emphasize your biceps.

Arm and Back Workout:

Destroy your arms and back with this pull routine that has two different bicep and back supersets and two straight sets.

Twice the Pain Leg Workout Routine:

Destroy your leg muscles with two leg workouts – A heavy and a “light” leg workout each done once per week.

Quick Notes/Tips:

  • Alter your muscle building workouts regularly. This is absolutely critical to your success. The more experienced you are, the more frequently you need to alter your workout routine.
  • Eat protein and carbohydrates both before and directly after each muscle building workout. A protein shake and sports drink (not diet) or juice should suffice. These are quick and easy for your body to digest and pump into the bloodstream to start feeding your muscles.
  • Aside from a 5 minute warm-up, stay away from cardio exercise with these workout routines. If you are concerned with maintaining your cardiovascular endurance, do no more than 10-15 minutes of interval cardio exercise once per week.

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