Oblique Exercises


Oblique Exercises

Oblique exercises take a backseat to traditional ab exercises in most workouts, but the lack of love is unwarranted. The oblique muscles start at the ribs and run diagonally down the sides of the waist ending near your hips. These muscles are responsible for torso rotation and are a key contributor to core strength as they are called upon in virtually every compound lift and physical activity. The major responsibility of the obliques is torso rotation, essential in golf, hockey, baseball, tennis, and the only sport that increases in importance with age: beer league softball.

Aside from their importance in compound lifts and physical activities, your obliques can make your abs “pop” if well-developed. However, like the abdominals, all the oblique exercises in the world won’t rid you of love handles. Further, you must have a low body-fat percentage in addition to strong obliques to really be able to see these muscles.

So, if you’ve got a little extra meat on the bones, we recommend leaving our Oblique Exercises page for now and choosing one of our Fat Loss Workouts. as well.

If you’re already at a good body fat-percentage, good for you, show off. Choose from the drop-down menu below or scroll though each page to view all of our oblique obliteraters.

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