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The No Limit Pushup Workout

Welcome to our “No Limit” Pushup Workout main page and instruction guide! 

This change of pace chest workout can be performed anytime and anywhere and is therefore your ticket to ensuring you never miss another chest day.  Before you start pushing the floor, a quick summary: 

Workout Summary: The No Limit Pushup Workout
Training Level: Beginner – Advanced
Main Goal: Change of Pace/Maintain Fitness Level
Days Per Week: Sporadic
Workout Type: Upper Body Home Workout

Workout Description and Instruction:

This home workout routine wasn’t designed with any particular fitness goal in mind. You won’t want to make it your primary vehicle for muscle building or fat loss, it’s more of a filler. Substitute it sporadically when you just absolutely don’t feel like going to the gym or don’t have time to go to the gym.

To follow the pushup workout exactly, you’ll need some sort of clock and a deck of cards.


Card Pushups
Ace 15
King 13
Queen 12
Jack 11
2-10 Number Equal to Card Value

Watch the clock and once the minute changes, flip the first card from the shuffled deck and perform that many pushups.

Once you have completed your pushups, rest until the minute changes, flip another card, and repeat until there are no more cards in the deck.

Follow the Table to the left. You will never rest more than 60 seconds as you will start your round of pushups each time the minute changes.

Possible Variations:

If you use the card denominations listed above, the workout routine is a total of 420 pushups in 52 minutes (52 cards are in a deck), but modify the plan as you see fit. Throw in the two Jokers and make them 30 pushups each, for example.  If you flip a two, flip the next card as well and rep them out together. Each time you combine cards it shortens the workout.

If you don’t have a deck of cards, just decide on a number of pushups to do each time the clock strikes a new minute. The standard denominations described above workout to about 8 pushups per minute, so use this as a benchmark.

Another idea is to change the type of pushup throughout the home workout.  Try wide chest pushups, tricep pushups, biased pushups and any other variations on specific cards or as a change-up if you’re having trouble making it all the way through the deck.

No matter what you decide, start pushing the floor!

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