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Full Body Strength Training Routine

Gain Muscle Mass with the Best Strength Training Exercises in this 3Day Workout Routine

Welcome to our Full Body Strength Training Routine instruction guide! Here you’ll learn how to do this weight lifting routine and can download and print the free workout plan. First, a quick summary:

Workout Summary: The Full Body Strength Training Routine
Training Level: Advanced
Main Goal: Gain Muscle Mass and Strength
Days Per Week: 3Day Workout Routine
Workout Type: Full Body Workout

Workout Description:

Like our Get Jacked Muscle Building Workout, this weight lifting program is a little bit different than what you may be used to. How is it different? For starters, not only is it a 3day workout routine, but each weight lifting workout (Workout A, Workout B, and Workout C) is a full body workout. So, rather than dividing your weight lifting routine and dedicating an entire day to an arm workout for example, we’re going to take a much broader approach—Don’t worry, you’ll still be Building Big Arms.

Shut up and let me skip to the workout!

This strength training routine focuses on all of the absolute best Strength Training Exercises. There are a couple supplemental Weight Training Exercises peppered in, but the idea behind this one is simply choosing the best handful of Compound Exercises and not wasting time on the other stuff. Think meat and potatoes.

During each day of the 3day workout routine you’ll concentrate on improving one of the big three Strength Training Exercises where muscle and strength begin:

  • Bench Press Exercise
  • Barbell Squats
  • Barbell Deadlift

Did we lose you on Barbell Deadlift? See our Deadlifts page if you shy away from this compound exercise, which is one of the Best Leg Exercises and Best Back Exercises.

Workout Routines A, B, and C

Perform Workouts A, B, and C each week on a non-rotating schedule. You should rest at least one full day between each weight lifting routine and a full a full 1 ½ – 2 minutes between each exercise. All weight training exercises should be done as straight sets.

Your time weightlifting will be spent nearly exclusively doing 5 sets of lifts in the 3-5 repetition range. So, you’ll be moving big weight to build big muscle. Download and print the free workout plan at any time (pdf).

Workout A

Weight Training Exercises Sets x Reps
Barbell Squats 5 x 3-5
Incline Bench Press 5 x 3-5
Romanian Deadlift 5 x 3-5
Standing Calf Raises 2 x 10-12

Workout B

Weight Training Exercises Sets x Reps
Barbell Bench Press 5 x 3-5
Split Squats 5 x 3-5
Dumbbell Rows 5 x 3-5 Per Arm
Weighted Chin Ups 2 x 6-8
Weighted Tricep Dips 2 x 6-8

Workout C

Weight Training Exercises Sets x Reps
Barbell Deadlifts 5 x 3-5
Seated Military Press 5 x 3-5
Barbell Lunges 5 x 3-5 Per Leg
Weighted Pull Ups 2 x 6-8

Notes and Tips:

  • Eat protein and carbohydrates both before and directly after each muscle building workout. A protein shake and a sports drink (not diet) or juice should suffice.  
  • Alter your muscle building workout as you see fit, but probably at least every 6 weeks. This is absolutely critical to your success. The more experienced you are, the more frequently you need to alter your strength training routine.
  • Add weight by holding a dumbbell between your feet for any Body Weight Exercises such as Pull Ups, Chin Ups, and Tricep Dips if you’re able to do so.
  • Aside from a 5 minute warmup, you will not be doing any cardio exercise on this workout program

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