Strength Training Workouts vs. Muscle Building 

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Strength Training Routines

Wanna get jacked and move some big weight? Welcome to our Strength Training Routines main page!

If you want to increase your maxes and pack on some muscle, you’re in the right spot. Here we’ve linked to all of our workout routines that help you get stronger, with a secondary goal of building muscle mass.

Strength Training Workouts vs. Muscle Building 

The strength workouts below were designed to help you get stronger, with a secondary goal of building muscle mass. 

Size and strength generally go hand-in-hand (the guy with the most muscle is usually the strongest guy), but if your primary goal is building muscle mass, view our muscle building workouts main page to start your mission for MASS.

Difference in Workout Structure:

  • To build mass, resting 1-3 minutes between each exercise is generally ideal whereas 2-5 minutes is ideal in strength training
  • Split workouts are generally more conducive to building muscle and full body workouts are generally preferred in strength workouts.
  • Muscle Building Workouts contain more auxillary exercises focusing on individual muscles whereas strength training workouts focus more exclusively on powerlifting exercises.

Again, the two go somewhat hand-in-hand, but to most effectively train, pick one or the other. With all that being said, get started below on your pursuit of POWER.

All Strength Training Routines

Full Body Strength Training Routine:

A 3 Day Strength Workout comprised of full-body workouts and focusing on Bench Press, Barbell Squats, and Barbell Deadlift. 

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