Weight Gain Tips


Weight Gain Tips

Incorporate our weight gain tips in your weight lifting routine and muscle building workouts to go from tiny to TITANIC

Our weight gain tips are a continuation from our muscle building tips, so make sure to view those if you haven’t already.

Incorporate the tips from each page in your weight lifting routine and muscle building workouts to go from tiny to TITANIC. Gaining muscle and strength can have a lot to do with genetics, but usually self proclaimed “hardgainers” just need to learn how to gain weight and gain muscle mass and that’s where we can help.

Focus on the Staples

Focus on the Big Three Exercises to Gain Muscle and Strength

Our muscle building tips touched on the benefits of barbell squats and barbell dead lift as well as compound exercises in general, but to this point haven’t mentioned the last of the big three exercises, barbell bench press.

Work directly off of one of our muscle building workouts or keep all of these muscle building tips in mind if you’re putting together your own weight lifting routine and focus on these big three lifts. They are the meat and potatoes and all others are just side dishes.

Hit the Snooze

Muscle Growth Takes Place While Growth Hormone and Testosterone Production Peak as you Sleep

Most gym goers are unaware of the significance that proper sleep or lack of sleep can have in regards to building muscles. When you lift weights, you make tiny tears in your muscles which are then repaired and made bigger and stronger (hopefully).

While you’re asleep, your body is using this time it has for the muscle rebuilding process and growth hormone and testosterone production peak. This is when muscle growth takes place. When you don’t get enough rest, you cut into your body’s recovery and rebuilding time.

Less is More

Muscle Growth Happens when You Rest, Not When you Lift

In one of our muscle building tips, “Eat like a Horse,” we introduced you to your body’s “catabolic state.” This is when your body is breaking down muscle as a fuel source.

You enter this catabolic state when your body doesn’t have enough protein and carbs readily available or your training sessions run too long, are are too intense, or to frequent. If you think you’re doing your muscles a favor by blasting them with a three hour pump session, think again. Muscle growth happens when you rest, not when you lift. 3-4, 45-60 minute workouts per week should be plenty.

Use What You Were Taught in Economics

To Continually Gain Muscle Mass and Prevent Plateau, Alter your Muscle Building Workouts

Ever heard of the law of diminishing returns? Probably not tied to a list of weight gain tips, but hear us out.

The human body is highly adaptive and when you repeat the same weight lifting routine or strength training exercises on a regular basis, you’ll experience the law of diminishing returns. This is one of the main reasons that people plateau.

If it seems like your muscle building workouts are getting stale, change

  • Your Grip
  • The Strength Training Exercises
  • The Exercise Order
  • The Number of Sets/Reps
  • Your Frequency
  • The Tempo

Choose Your Company Wisely

Lifting with a Partner Sounds Like a Great Idea, but Things Usually Aren’t so Rosy

There are a lot of potential positives to working out with a partner, but a lot of potential drawbacks as well. If your partner doesn’t feel like lifting one day and decides to skip, chances are that you’ll probably skip as well. Remember, you’re now dealing with two calendars rather than one.

You can also fall victim to a partner’s exercise preferences. Maybe your gym partner doesn’t like to dead lift or skips leg workouts. If you do decide to work with a partner it should be someone that you know follows most of these weight gain tips and will aid you in your PURSUIT of POWER.

Be Consistent

If you Stay Consistent, You Will See Results, Period

This is one of the most important weight gain tips. You’re not going to increase your bench press by 50 pounds in the next six weeks, or but you certainly can in six months. You won’t feel like going to the gym every lifting day on your muscle building program, but go anyway. Set a plan and stick to it. Keep your long term goals in mind and know that you’ll get there through consistency.

Haven’t had enough? Our weight gain tips are a continuation of our muscle building tips. Continue reading and leave our weight gain tips to check out our muscle building tips if you haven’t already.

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