Weight Loss Motivation Tips


Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Learn to get and stay motivated to lose weight and reduce body fat with these weight loss motivation tips.

Sometimes showing up is half the battle and other times its showing the junk food who’s boss. Either way, sticking to a diet and exercise plan is often a problem of motivation.

Our weight loss motivation tips are not here to pump you up like Mr. Foley, but rather provide some pointers to help you get and keep the motivation to lose weight and reduce body fat.

Oh and don’t worry, in any event you most likely will not end up living in a van down by the river.

Take Before and After Photos

The act of taking a before picture can be daunting, but let the before picture serve as motivation!

What was your original motivation to lose weight? Probably an unflattering picture or consistent torment from the mirror. The act of taking a before picture can be daunting, but let the before picture serve as motivation! Think,

“This is where I came from, but this _________ is exactly where I’m going.”

Try placing pictures of that pre-weight-loss cow on your fridge or pantry door to serve as a reminder. You may even want to take pictures every few weeks to illustrate your progress and confirm what the scale may or may not be reflecting.

Exercise in the A.M.

Early birds sleep and eat better and are more likely to stick with their exercise plans than afternoon or evening exercisers

In the morning, we’re generally more motivated. We wake up with the best intentions, but unfortunately they often give way to daily stresses. “I had a tough day. I deserve to just go home and relax.” Sound familiar?

Studies show that early birds are more likely to stick with their exercise plans than afternoon or evening exercisers and perhaps it’s for this reason. Aside from sticking to their daily exercise, morning exercisers sleep and eat better than other exercisers. So drag your butt out of bed and hit the gym.

Find Exercise You Like

Exercise can and should be enjoyable.

Yes, we said like. Exercise can and should be enjoyable. Try some different things at the gym. Nearly all major chains of gyms have TVs you can watch and listen to by plugging your headphones into your cardio machine. Is that really so bad?

If you don’t like traditional cardio equipment, try joining an exercise class. Classes range from things like water exercise, to kick boxing, spinning, and more. These classes are generally included in the cost of your membership. So find something you like and get to it.

Start Jammin’

Get an MP3 player and fill it up with your favorite songs.

When you go through your workout routines while listening to your favorite music, you almost forget what you’re doing and just concentrate on the tunes. If the average song is 4 minutes long you could be almost finished with your weight loss workout, after zoning out for 7-8 songs. Not bad. The more you like the songs, the more motivated you’ll be, so Start Jammin’.

Set Specific, Realistic Goals and Write them Down

This may be the Most Useful of all our Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Setting and achieving a goal is incredibly motivating. If you’re not accustom to setting and writing down goals, this is probably the most useful of all our weight loss motivation tips. When you write down your goals, you increase your success rate by more than 80%. Choose a few specific, realistic goals and set a completion date.

Rather than, “I want a flat stomach,” use something like,

“I will lose 10 pounds by ______ (insert realistic date) from sticking to my healthy diet plan and exercising __ times per week at ____ o’clock. I am changing my body by permanently changing my lifestyle.”

Take Pride in Being “That Guy” or “That Girl”

When you start eating well and exercising, you join an elite class.

You’re one of the smart ones, no matter what the other 80% of people want to say. Take pride in turning down unhealthy food at the office and at home. Say what works for you. Give your own weight loss motivation tips. Be proud of yourself when you get up and exercise rather than sprawl out on the couch all day. Watch out for, “Come on, you’re crazy. They tell you to have cheat days.” Others will try to bring you down, but know that they’re jealous.

Sometimes results are the most satisfying motivation of all. So know that you’ll start to notice results in just a few short weeks if you stick to a healthy diet plan and effective fat loss workout.

For tips in these areas, check out our, healthy eating tips and exercise tips for weight loss.

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