Weight Training Exercises

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Weight Training Exercises

Incorporate these Weight Lifting Exercises in your Workout Routines

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If your goal is to build muscle mass or lose body fat, you’ve got to have the best strength training exercises and fat burning exercises in your arsenal.  Here we’ve linked to more than 300 weight lifting exercises, which come complete with pictures, instructions, and tips, so that you can immediately add to your weight training routines.

Our strength training and fat burning exercises are divided below in the following sections:


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Trying to Target a Specific Area?

This is your spot if you’re trying to target your fat loss or want to build bigger biceps, a bigger chest, boulder shoulders, tree trunk legs, or sculpt ripped abs. Here, you’ll find all of our weight lifting exercises divided by primary muscle trained.

Next, view our chosen best weight lifting exercises for each muscle group to ensure all your workout routines have the best exercises.

Weight Training Exercises by Primary Muscle Group

  • Arm Exercises
    • Bicep Exercises
    • Tricep Exercises
  • Back Exercises
    • Lower Back Exercises
    • Upper Back Exercises
    • Lat Exercises
  • Chest Exercises
  • Shoulder Exercises
  • Leg Exercises
    • Hamstring Exercises
    • Quadriceps Exercises
    • Calf Exercises
    • Glute Exercises
  • Abs Exercises

Our Favorite Exercises and Chosen Best Exercises Lists

  • 6 Best Ab Exercises
  • Best Bicep Exercises
  • Best Back Exercises
  • Best Chest Exercises
  • Best Shoulder Exercises
  • Best Tricep Exercise
  • Best Leg Exercises

Short on Equipment or Have a Specific Goal in Mind?

Below you’ll find our exercises sorted by weight lifting equipment required as well as specific goal and exercise type. This section can be especially beneficial if you have access to limited equipment or are specifically trying to gain muscle mass or lose body fat.

Other Muscle Building and Fat Burning Exercises

Exercises by Equipment Required
Barbell Exercises
Body Weight Exercises
Cable Exercises
Dumbbell Exercises
Specific Goal and Exercise Mechanics
Strength Training Exercises
Fat Burning Exercises
Compound Exercises

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